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Get Kindr: Easy, Fun, and REWARDING!

Make an impact with a Voluntary Act of Kindness or by joining short-term volunteer events. Connect with inspiring people and earn rewards while helping others..

About Us

Together we can make a difference.

At Get Kindr, we are changing how people volunteer by introducing "help to earn" to the world. We seamlessly bridge the fragmented volunteering landscape with the rewards of a loyalty program.

We are the volunteer platform that makes it simple for donors, organizations, and volunteers to connect and make positive change. Volunteers earn rewards through completing "Voluntary Acts of Kindness" or participating in flexible, short-term volunteer events that fit seamlessly into their busy lives. Through our transparent tracking process, donors can see how their contributions reward volunteers for helping others.

Join us today and be part of a community where Kindness is Our Currency and every contribution makes a difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Get KINDR ideal for today's volunteers?

Get Kinder acknowledges the modern challenges of time and connectivity. By offering flexible, short-term volunteer opportunities and leveraging social media for good, we provide a platform where kindness acts as a currency, and every individual can contribute to a brighter future, all while earning rewards and making meaningful connections.

How do I get started as a volunteer?

Complete your profile to kickstart your journey with Get Kindr. Then, you are ready to search the events section for opportunities to help that match your interests and the impact you want to make.

What qualifies as a "Voluntary Act of Kindness"?

To incentivize taking the initiative to be kind, we reward those who help others. Any act that clearly and positively impacts individuals, communities, or the environment can qualify. This could range from helping an elderly neighbour with groceries to participating in a local clean-up. To be eligible, complete the Voluntary Acts of Kindness event and post your act of kindness on social media with a photo, video, or a short story about your act with #getkindr. The more views and likes, the more rewards you will be eligible for! It's our way of saying thank you for helping the world Get kindr.

How do I get started as an organization?

Organizations looking to harness the power of community can start by creating a profile on Get Kindr here. Share your mission and needs; we'll connect you with volunteers ready to make a difference. For many organizations, the first event may be hosting a volunteer orientation session to welcome new faces to their cause.

What is "Help-to-Earn"?

"Help-to-Earn" is the blending of the concepts of rewards with the act of volunteering. Volunteers who help others in their community earn rewards for doing so. Our platform ensures a seamless connection between volunteers, organizations, and donors, fostering a community where every act of kindness is recognized and rewarded. With Get Kindr, see the impact of your contributions as we make Kindness Our Currency.

How do I get started as a donor?

Your contributions are vital in driving change. By donating to Get Kindr, you support meaningful causes and gain visibility into the impact of your generosity. Stay tuned for opportunities to contribute, and contact for more details.

What can I do with the rewards that I earn?

At Get Kindr, our rewards reflect our appreciation of the importance of volunteers' time and impact on our communities. As you engage in acts of kindness, your earned points open doors to various rewards, from exclusive partner discounts to the ability to make purchases. Your early and regular involvement ensures a richer reward experience as our community grows.

How do I get started as a sponsor?

Sponsors play a crucial role in amplifying our impact. By partnering with Get Kindr, you help fuel our mission and extend your brand's reach to a community dedicated to positive change. Contact us at to explore sponsorship opportunities and how your organization can contribute to our ecosystem of kindness.

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